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Welcome to my
homepage! I 
hope to provide 
some useful 
links for the 
new music
and sites of 
interest for 
Please email me
if you know of
webpages which
should be
included in this
In addition, I
am including
some sites 
related to stuff
I like that has
nothing to do
with music at all.

Thanks for 

Please feel free 
to contact me for 
more information 
on classes and 

February 3, 2pm
Finals. NEC
Brown Hall. 

February 6, 8pm
Ralph Shapey
in Jordan Hall.

February 7, 7pm
On Sarah Bob's
New Gallery
Concert Series:
with Alison
D'Amato, piano.
See link to right.

March 8, 4pm
West Hartford
Music for 
Bassoon and Flute

March 30, 8pm
St Botolph Hall

April 2, 8pm
Concertos with
the NEC Bach

April 24, 8pm
Berio Serenata
No. 1 with the
NEC Wind Ensemble

Above is a glass
engraving of
Euterpe, the 
Greek muse whose 
symbol is the 
flute. The 
engraving was 
done by John 
Hutton. Check out 
the Euterpe link 
to the right for 
more information 
on the muse!

"Then will you allow flutes and flute-makers in our city? Has not the flute the widest range of all, being in fact the original which other instruments of wide range imitate?" -- Plato, The Republic


Alicia DiDonato, flutist and piccoloist, is currently a student of
Fenwick Smith at the New England Conservatory. In May of 2001, she
completed a three year fellowship with the New World Symphony in
Miami Beach, FL. Originally from Stoneham, Massachusetts, Ms.
DiDonato is a winner of numerous competitions, including the 1999
Frank Bowen Competition and the 2001 New England Conservatory Wind 
Ensemble Concerto Concerto Competition. (Hear her perform Berio's 
Serenata No. 1 on April 24th, 2002 at NEC!!) She has performed as 
soloist with orchestras across the country, most recently with the 
New World Symphony in a performance of Christopher Rouse's flute 
concerto, and with the Santa Fe Symphony in a performance of CPE
Bach's G Major concerto. She has been a featured artist with the
Emerson String Quartet and has participated in the Aspen, Norfolk and
Tanglewood music festivals. She has collaborated in chamber music
with Paula Robison, Jim Walker, and Aldo Abreau; orchestrally, she 
has performed under the batons of Seiji Ozawa, Claudio Abbado, James
Conlon, Donald Runnicles, Zdenek Macal, Robert Spano, Reinbert
deLeeuw and Michael Tilson Thomas. An active recitalist and advocate
for new music, Ms. DiDonato has presented programs in Boston, New
York, Miami, and Hartford, as well as in St. Petersburg, Russia as a 
part of that city's Musical Spring international festival. In August 
of 2001, she was a performer in the Costa Rica Music Festival, 
earning praise from La Nacion's music critic for her "tonos lisos." 

She has premiered a number of compositions, including Jennifer 
Higdon's "Autumn Music." Additionally, Ms. DiDonato is committed to
outreach and educational activities and maintains a private studio. 

Ms. DiDonato has studied with John Wion, Nadine Asin, Samuel Baron,
and Joshua Smith. She received her BM from the Hartt School as a 
member of its 20/20 program and attended New England Conservatory's 
preparatory school while in high school. She holds a minor in Foreign 
Languages and Cultures from the University of Hartford.

The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal has described her playing 
as "wistful...fluent and full of tone, even in the most demanding 
passages." The Boston Globe declared her chamber music 
performances "full of skill and wit."

To contact Ms. DiDonato, please click on the email link to the left!

Stuff and People I Like/Love/Admire/Dream About

The Official X-Files Page
I never thought I wouldn't miss Mr Duchovny, but I am enjoying this season so far!
Sarah Bob Dot Net
Home of Sarah Bob, curly fonts, and info on her New Gallery Concert Series
THE Official Brian Heller Site
Brian Heller: the enigma, the legend, the reality. Experience the drama today! (PS, Brian, write me a piece!)
"Excess ain't rebellion. You're drinkin' what they're sellin'."
Yesaroun' Duo
Sam and Eric get their groove on.
Robert Dick's Web Page
Info on his music, philosophy, and performances.
The Official Lord of the Rings Website
Liv Tyler. Rock.
Beck rates Bjork's "Homogenic" album cover as one of his top fifty favorite album covers. I'm not sure I have fifty favorite album covers. But if I did, "Vespertine" would definitely be up there.
Jennifer Higdon Homepage
Awesome composer and flutist. Check out Rapid Fire.
"If I could be who you wanted all the time ...."
Vieri Bottazzini
Italian flutist, former principal of the Malaysian Philharmonic, now teaching in the Mideast.
John Wion's Homepage
The principal flutist of the New York City Opera, my teacher, and a wonderful writer.
The Muse Euterpe
All you have ever wanted to know about that Greek Muse with the flute.
The Never Ending Circle
Edgard Varese-Father of Electronic Music
Required Listening: Poeme Electronique. Test on Tuesday.
The Boston Symphony Orchestra
Dre-e-e-e-e-eam, dream dream dre-eam.
Steve Drury's Website
Email him and tell him you want to see more plastic pants.
Stuff I like
This is a list of stuff I like.
Chris Parrott, Artist
Beautiful, beautiful things.

                      since feeling is first
                      who pays any attention
                      to the syntax of things
                      will never wholly kiss you;
                      wholly to be a fool
                      while Spring is in the world

                      my blood approves,
                      and kisses are a better fate
                      than wisdom
                      lady i swear by all the flowers. Don't cry
                      -- the best gesture of my brain is less than
                      your eyelids' flutter which says

                      we are for each other: then
                      laugh, leaning back in my arms
                      for life's not a paragraph

                      And death i think is no parenthesis

e.e. cummings

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